Criminal Class Review Vol. 6

People have been asking me whether I have anything in print. I’m very glad to inform those people that I do! I’ve got a short story in Criminal Class Review Volume 6, which came out last month and features writers like Mykel Board, Andrew Riconda, Kimberly Warner-Cohen, George Tabb, and Mickey Leigh (that’s Joey Ramone’s brother) The issue was guest edited by my friend George Tabb, who is the brilliant writer of Surfing Armageddon and Playing Right Field: A Jew Grows in Greenwich. My story is called “The Swarm,” and it’s a fictionalized account of the time that I got trampled when I was 15.  The issue is $12, so I understand if you’re light on cash and can’t pick one up. I’d offer to lend you one of mine, but my buddy who lives downstairs is borrowing one and I’m pretty intent on keeping the other where it is. Thanks so much to George, Kevin Whiteley, Sarah Van Den Bosch, and the whole crew at Criminal Class Press. Every penny goes to them and they are well worth supporting! Here’s the link:

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