June 2013 Punk Globe

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between, the June issue of Punk Globe is up! It features fabulous articles by editor extraordinaire  Ginger Coyote and the lovely Lisa Lunney as well as  Jim Rose, Michael Rys, Jaws The Cabbie, Miss Guy, and Cyndi Ford. I don’t have anything in this one because my interview with Brandon Cruz of Dr. Know, Dead Kennedys, Flipper, and now a band called Medicine Man (Stylized MDCN+MN) with original Black Flag drummer Brian Migdol was incredibly difficult to transcribe. Pro Tip: Don’t record a two hour Skype interview using Audacity and save it as a project file*. It will fuck your shit up and split into thousands of tiny files. Lesson learned. Fortunately, Brandon’s been gracious enough to grant me a second interview, so we’ll see you in July for that one. In the meantime, head on over to http://www.punkglobe.com to see what’s in store this month and check out that sweet cover design by Marc Floyd. Image

*If anyone knows of a way to make Skype and Audacity more compatible, please share your technological wisdom. Thanks!

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