September Punk Globe

When I went to Punk Rock Karaoke in at The Black Cat in DC last night, I sang “Journey to the End of East Bay” by Rancid on stage with this cute anarchist dude. Once we got off stage, I told him that I’d just reviewed Jesse Michaels’ debut novel, “Whispering Bodies.” “Jesse from Op Ivy wrote a novel,” the kid shouted over blaring speakers and drunken group vocals, “No fuckin’ way, that’s so awesome!” Well, cute anarchist kid whose name I don’t remember, you’re right,  it is pretty awesome. Thanks. I’ve also got a review of Dead Puppy Records’ “Proud and Loud” compilation, which feature’s Punk Globe’s very own Ginger Coyote and the legendary Jayne County. What I expected to be a quirky queer punk compilation turned out to be  an expansive 23-song tour of LGBTQ-friendly music. Will Sid Smith has a really solid interview with Donna Destri, Rotten reviews Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, the Gypsy Poet puts the spotlight on Derby, UK band The Enemy, Kim D’allesandro graces us with her lyrical gifts, Lisa Lunney interviews Dirty Walt and Rodcore of Year of The Dragon, and Ginger Coyote sends us reeling in interviews with actress and producer Olivia Barash of “Repo Man,” and writer/director Ward Roberts of “Dust Up.” Don’t forget the wild cover design from The Floydian Device! Give it a read, you won’t be disappointed! Check it out at

September 13 High Res

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