UMD Disorientation Guide

The 2013-14 University of Maryland Radical Rush Disorientation Guide is now online! It’s a little something my friends and I have been working on for the past two or three weeks. Time flies when you have a deadline, ya know. We were hoping to get these puppies printed in time for the first day of the First Look Fair by this morning, but we’ll have black and white print copies by Thursday morning for the second day. Packed with student perspectives on the state of higher education, the activist community at UMD, the power of bulk-buying,  guides to consent and harm reduction, and much more, I’m proud to say that this zine flat out smokes. If you’re at UMD, pick one up tomorrow at the first look fair. If not, here’s the color PDF on a mediafire link. Shout out to the mighty Jenna Brager of Sassyfrass Circus for letting us use their piece, “How To Avoid Activist Burnout,” from a previous issue and posting a blog about this guide earlier today. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible, have a radical read!

Here’s the Sassyfrass Circus piece, JB did us proud!



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