November Punk Globe

Okay, I’m a couple days late on this one. I was out partying with friends for Halloween weekend, getting acquainted with my awesome new housemate, and catching up with folks who I hadn’t seen in a while. It’s Sunday morning now and the blog post I wrote about Lou Reed’s passing shares a page of Punk Globe with Bebe Buell, Joe D’allesandro, Roddy Byers, Ginger Coyote, and the designer of our beautiful Lou-themed cover, Marc Floyd’s goodbyes to him. Like I said in my farewell to Lou, I’ve got an interview with the damn-near immortal Kim Fowley about his shows and his memoir, Lord of Garbage. Fascinating book by the way, an absolute must-read for anybody with a disability who has even a passing thought about making a living in entertainment. I’ve also got an interview with Zillah Minx of the fabulous and severely underrated Rubella Ballet. They were the band who bridged the gaps between The Sex Pistols, X Ray Spex, and Crass. We talked fashion, feminism, film, friends, and much more! Zillah is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever interviewed. We had originally intended to have the interview out a couple of months ago, but Zillah had a lot on her plate in terms of business and family. She was always good at letting me know what was up, though, which not many people are. You’d be surprised how many interviews I’ve lost after hours of work and countless emails, so I’m really grateful that this one came back tenfold and became one of my strongest articles. I’ve also got a review of New Jersey’s mighty NIGHT BIRDS. “Born to Die in Suburbia” flat out rips. If I say any more about it, you probably won’t read the review. Ginger Coyote interviews the wonderful Pleasant Gehman, whose name I first heard alongside Kim Fowley’s in the Darby Crash biography, Lexicon Devil. The hilarious and brilliant Margaret Cho reviews Pleasant’s book, Showgirl Confidential. Margaret’s tour, “Mother,” is killing it right now. She’ll be in DC on Saturday the 9th. I would love to see her and maybe interview her at that show. Now THAT would be amazing! Ginger highlights Roddy Byers and Lynval Golding’s Two Tone Twins, Rotten interviews Duncan Reid of The Boys about his solo project, The Gypsy Poet interviews the Texas Blues influenced Swamps from Japan, and Jools Green does a live review of the legendary D.O.A. All in all, I think we’ve got ourselves a pretty nice issue.

november cover


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