December Punk Globe

December Punk Globe has arrived! Actually, it arrived on the 30th, but I was in too much pain to sit up at the computer then. Yesterday, I finished up my interview with Dave Dictor of MDC and helped my friend Shelby make a dress out of condoms. So yeah, Punk Globe! I’ve got two articles in there this month and Ginger crowned me Punk of the Month with the legendary Jim Rose as runner up. I feel so special! November was a hellish month for me in terms of stress and chronic pain. Not being able to move when you have things that you want or need to do is a bone-grinding restlessness that gets calendar days caught in your joints. It sucks.

If you’ll take a word of professional writing advice from little old me, say no every once in a while. Deadlines are deadlines and they need to be met. If you physically can’t do the work by the deadline, it’s fine to decline. There’s no sense in submitting things late and stressing editors out. I learned that one the hard way this month. I didn’t get one of my pieces in until really late and that caused headaches for a small handful of people who I care about, so I don’t want to do that again. I’m proud of what I got done, though, so you should check that out! I have a review of the ever-intriguing Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s photo book and an interview with Better Days author Craig Lewis. Craig is from Boston, MA and does talks about punk rock, mental illness, and recovery all over the country. I’ll be reviewing his book in the coming issue, which I’m psyched for. This month, Ginger has three killer interviews with two badass bassists and a dynamic duo, Louichi Mayorga from Suicidal Tendencies and Rob Ruckus from The Vermin  along with Randy Rampage and Duane Chaos of Rampage. Ms. Ligaya and The Floydian Device talk to Sinmobile, Jim “Defekto” Lucio interviews, Scooter LaForge, Lisa Lunney chats with Candy Brain, Steven Jones interviews British artist Mark Wardel, Timm Carney has a film review about Baltimore County hometown hero, Divine, and The Gypsy Poet has an interview and a review from The Amputees as well as a special editorial for all of our readers. Stop wasting time and start reading! Get to


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