Metal Skin, Plastic Sweat Mission Statement and Submission Guidelines

I’m putting together a zine on physical disability and consensual touch called “Metal Skin, Plastic Sweat,” and will be accepting submissions from today (December 16th, 2013) until April 16th, 2014.  Poetry, essays, short fiction, creative nonfiction, paintings, photographs, lithographs, etchings, and digital art are all fair game for submission. Poetry should be a maximum of 50 lines and essays, short fiction, and creative nonfiction should be a maximum of 2000 words. We’re looking at a 50-60 page pdf and limited print release of this zine by June-July of 2014.

As a publication by people with physical disabilities for people with physical disabilities, we need to create an accommodating space for freelance artists and writers in which the stress of revision and deadlines does not exacerbate the pain and frustration of contributors’ daily lives. Brevity is essential to this zine because resources and attention spans are limited, as is capacity to produce. I’ll take 50 pages of solid work over 100 pages of mediocre work any day of the week. Words and gestures used to accept or deny touch are usually short and to the point. If you wan’t to say, “Don’t touch me there,” but you can only get out “Don’t,” the point remains the same. If a longer piece is compelling enough, I will consider including it, but please do your best to stick to the guidelines.

Email  questions, comments, concerns, and submissions to

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